Yay!!!! I’m in!!! *dancing*
Please forgive my excitement it’s just one of the maladies that befall me sometimes. Anyway, moving on to business… Before I put up a “proper post” I have to make something very clear. “RaydeoGaGa” has absolutely nothing to do with “Ladygaga”. It’s just amazing how this generation just chalks up everything “gaga” to ladygaga. I’ll have you know that I have nothing against the lady (the words “nothing” and “lady” being used very loosely here), but if I had a dollar for everytime some human asked me why I’m such a fan of ladygaga, let’s just say this blog wouldn’t exist.
On a serious note though, am I the only “Queen” fan under the age of 40 alive??? I’m so starved of a fellow “Queen” loving partner that if I met any other person who loves them as much as I do, I just might marry them(male species under 40 only of course). “Queen” is only the greatest rock band the world has ever experienced and one of the world’s best selling artists ever!!!! I could go on and on about them, but I’m pretty sure you’d much rather I didn’t but I’ll tell you this, “radiogaga” is one of their many hit songs and was released in 1984, far before ladygaga’s time.
Now that I’ve clarified that, I’ll have you know that this isn’t a music blog. In fact, this isn’t an anything blog. It’s an avenue for me to fulfil my lifelong fantasy of being a (terrible) writer. So like almost everything about me, there’ll be nothing stable about this blog, (except the terrible punctuation marks) it could be music one day, boys the next, food another…
If you actually read this post to the end, I’d love to say a big thank you and compliment you on your lack of ADD. Cheers.