I’m here again people. Your words of encouragement(inspiration?) have a lot to do with me still being here and not zapping semi-anonymously like I was very tempted to.
I’ve always been in awe of humans who write “inspirational books” on how to be successful, rich… Basically books with rules and guidelines that promise to make you a success and all that. I haven’t had a lot of “success”(pun intended) with them (understatement of the century) but some people swear by them. What I’m sure of though is that I’m a very far cry from the success I had hoped I’d be. Failure is something I’m all too familiar with. I’ve failed so many times that I honestly think I should start getting paid for it, seriously! It’s nothing short of amazing. Sometimes I sit up at night and wonder if I’m supposed to write a book about it or something. I’d like to pump my fists in the air and scream a resounding “YESSS!!!” rejoicing in the fact that I’ve been enlightened that due to my record shattering number of failures I’ve been somehow hit with the secret of success. But thick headed as I am, I really doubt I’ve learned all I’m supposed to from the vast experiences and chances are I quite likely will fail at some other things. But even with all my thick headedness, something managed to sink in and that’s RESILIENCE I might even go as far as saying courage in the midst of my adversity as well. Seriously speaking though, I should be a superhero or something(:D) because thanks to my many, many, many, many… (Need I go on?) Face to face encounters with failure(by face to face I mean failure practically standing in a boxing ring with gloved fists pumped in the air in victory and I in a beaten, writhing bloody mess on the floor). Anyway, my super hero name should be elastic chic (very unoriginal, no?) Because irrespective of the number of times failure keeps kicking my butt to the curb, I keep getting back into the proverbial ring. And I’ll tell you this, the battles are getting less painful and surprise surprise, I actually feel muscles developing in places I never even knew I had and if I’m totally honest, I’ll tell you that I’ve found myself remaining vertical after a few rounds(yes! In said boxing ring) with failure. I won’t get too cocky though because the battle continues, but I’ve resolved to keep digging my heels in and try my very best to always remain standing.
Very sober blog post, no? Loooool
P.S Before I go, I wanna ask a huge favour(too soon?). In the spirit of we all striving towards success, please click this link to download and listen to this amazing song by Dabz, it’s called “official love” Thanks once again for reading this to the end. Have a success-filled week y’all. *kisses*
P.P.S This isn’t an inspirational blog!!!