I wish some saint in the making or someone would just write down all the rules concerning boy/girl relationships. Yes, I know there are countless books out there about it, but those books seem written by people far older than us, I mean have they met our generation? What with the games that are played, the pretences, the unspoken rules…

If you’re feeling me, raise your hand in the air and shout a “hell yeah!!!”(Looool I’m getting carried away) seriously though, it’s all just mind boggling. If you do you’re damned, if you don’t you’re dumped. And right now I’m speaking from a female perspective when I ask: What the hell do men really want from us???!!!

They say we women are complicated, and rightly so! I mean the word “women” is a double syllable unlike “men”. For crying out loud! We were created last and given a really complicated deal what with boobs and periods and body hairs(let me not go into this) we’re not supposed to have. And the deal is supposed to be MEN – Simple, WOMEN – Complicated.

We’ve been deceived though, the lot of us, and unfairly so at that(like deception is ever fair) because we are never really prepared for the complexity that is MAN and worse than being deceived, we’ve been usurped, because there has to be a balance – the more complicated the male folk get, the simpler we have to be.

And each day, we have more women solely “bringing home the bacon” and also more women running around with face, chest and body hair than ever and it’s not (just) because of the obvious reasons(lack of time, nonchalance, etc) NO! It’s because there are actually members of the male species going around shaving their chest and body hairs these days, I mean, what’s the deal with that? People, there’s only enough veet for one gender!

After years of scoffing with the disdain that only a self righteous christian can muster at the idea of Darwinism, I’m now a believer and I’ll tell you straight up that this is evolution… Evolution in a way dear Charles himself never could have imagined.

P.S – I ain’t no man hater
P.P.S – This ain’t no “relationship” blog