Hello people! The comments that resulted from the last post had me rolling with laughter. I seriously am in doubt of the state of sanity of some of y’all πŸ˜€ Was supposed to put this up yesterday, but… Long story. Anyway, I’m here now. Here goes nothing.

My elder brother and my little cousin (6 years old) got into an argument a few days ago(you’d think my brother would know better) about the existence of unicorns. My brother was “against” of course while my cousin could have bet all his toys and life savings( all of 600naira) that they were real and even laid out evidence(a children’s book stating the alphabet with examples and illustrations. Guess what “U” was for?) to prove his case. At that point, my brother (finally) realised the futility of the argument and left my cousin to his beliefs.

Christmas is approaching once again – one of the most fairytale filled seasons. Christmas lost most of its magic for me when I was about 8 years old, that’s when I realised santa wasn’t real(more on that on some other post) to say it was heartbreaking is an understatement.

I’ve always wondered though, why is there a need to fill children’s heads with soooooo many fairytales(lies) and false expectations of the future. I’d like to blame it all on cartoons and movies, but parents and other family members and the society play their parts as well in this conspiracy. Here in Nigeria, we may not have the “Easter Bunny”, “”boogey man” and the “tooth fairy” (said cousin believes in the tooth fairy though. Don’t ask!) but we have our own “fairy tales” as well. For most of my primary school years, I believed that touching a boy would get me pregnant(let’s not go into the whole agbalumo(udara) and orange seed myth) amongst other things. I also grew up believing I could be whatever I wanted to be(in Nigeria, let’s not kid ourselves)

Basically, most of our childhood is spent building us up for countless disappointments we end up with with each bubble(fairytale) being burst(exposed as a lie). Most people say that teenage years are difficult because of puberty and the plenty uncontrollable hormones, well I beg to differ. I say it’s because these are the years when we become jaded in the throes or/and the aftermath of one big disillusionment after the other. These are also the years we realise our parents are not quite the superheroes we thought they were and that we can actually talk back to them or rebel once in a while without dropping dead on the spot.

You know what, because of or should I say “in spite of” these “fairy tales” the disappointment of santa amongst others, I think I turned out pretty okay. What I lost in imaginary friends, I made up with an over-active imagination and though I’ve lost santa, I have Elegushi(to groove at) amongst other places(unless it goes the way bar beach did)
Happy new month everybody!!!