It’s been ages people! And after battling with bouts of insanity for the better part of the year, I realised something: The illusion of being a writer had been what was keeping me sane. If only I had this epiphany a year ago, I would have saved myself all the hassle of eating disorders, depression and therapy(electro-shock inclusive) I’ve had to undergo.

Just kidding! It’s really been quite an eventful year and it’s like I fell asleep one day and woke up one morning to find that I was now a psychology student of unilag(Don’t ask).

Let me catch you guys up on what you’ve missed so far:

– Watching TV series is my new favourite pastime and I’m currently following about twenty of them(I kid you not).
– My hair went from straight to afro and is now in a confused state of limbo stuck in both worlds(story of my life).
– I actually started getting paid to write. Who knows? Maybe one of these days, I’ll be brave enough to actually call myself a writer.
– Like I said earlier, I’m now a unilag student studying psychology. Oh yeah and only about 2% of my classmates don’t hate me(more on that later).
– I learned to mind my business(will dedicate a whole blog post to this topic).
– The pairs of shoes and shorts in my possession have greatly increased since the last time I was here(thank you Lord).
– And though or rather because I’ve gone through quite a number of difficulties, I’ve realised that God is kind of partial when it comes to me.

I’m back for good this time and I promise not to disappear for a year again. Thanks for reading.